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Sniffers are here! – Globally

Hi there!

Sniffers have been finally released, globally! Go and grap your own copy from the AppStore!
Join us in our everlasting fight for the fresh air!

Lead your Sniffers in their epic journey through 64 levels, from the Training Dome, through the Junkyard and the Factory to the glowing heart of the Reactor. Fight against Junk Smokers and their trash. Use your coilgun and shoot Sniffers around the level and tap for their special abilities. Swap your Sniffer at any time for distinctive action. Create unique solutions by using different Sniffers: set up ramps and flipper bumpers, throw in couple of time bombs or just hit hard with Janters. Upgrade your Sniffers for more power and better features, like homing rockets or teleports.

See you in iPhone and iPad!